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Exhibition of the Ancient Gerulata Museum

The showroom of the exhibition presents finds from archaeological researches. The exhibition was created as a lapidarium on the grounds of the significant archaeological locality Gerulata in Rusovce.

Romans used the Danube as a natural border and built a very sophisticated fortification system, the so-called Limes Romanus. Present-day Slovakia borders with it by the castellum Gerulata in Rusovce. This military camp played a very important strategic role – it protected the eastern wing of legions located in Carnuntum, the capital city of the province of Upper Pannonia.

It is probable that Romans took the name Gerulata from the original Celtic people. Thanks to previously analysed parts of the castellum, it was possible to outline its four construction phases, the location of burial grounds and civil settlements – vici, as well as agricultural settlements and a villa rustica. The exhibition presents the history of the building and life of the inhabitants of the castellum especially by means of archaeological finds. 

The beginnings of Gerulata are dated to the era of Flavian emperors. The construction of the military camp involved Carnuntum garrisons of the X, XIV and XV legions. From the beginning of the 2nd century AD, the elite cavalry unit Ala prima Canannefatum was permanently stationed there. Other legionary tile-stamps on Roman roof tiles and epigraphical inscriptions on votive altars provide the evidence of the presence of units of the II legion as well as of the XVIII cohort of volunteers, of the V cohort and the I cohort of archers.


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