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Nepela / The Solitary Figure Skater

Exhibition about the phenomenal figure skater Ondrej Nepela

The 70th Anniversary of the Birth of the Olympic Champion Ondrej Nepela

At a meeting with some sportspeople, I was speaking to a journalist and the former chairman of the Slovak Figure Skating Association, Ľubomír Zeman. It was a few weeks after the death of Ondrej Nepela and I asked Mr. Zeman, if we might be able to secure Nepela’s sporting inheritance. He willingly promised help and, indeed, shortly after (according to the Book of Additions to the Museum the exact date was 24th March 1989) Mrs. Nepelová donated her son’s sporting inheritance to the museum. Its handover was very emotional, as Mrs. Nepelová had never fully recovered from Ondrej’s death. Moreover, her husband, Ondrej’s father, had died a year before Ondrej on New Year’s Day 1988. I can still see the pain in her eyes today. Notwithstanding this she hoped that Ondrej would not be forgotten.
The articles that she donated to us were real treasures. They have remained among the most valuable acquisitions of the museum. They include the gold medal he won at the 1972 Sapporo Games, and the medals, diplomas, cups and sashes received at both World and European Championships.
Nepela’s inheritance has been supplemented several times, although the supplements were of an extraneous nature. For example the inheritance of Gabo Zelenay included a label he had used as a radio reporter at the 1972 Winter Olympic Games in Sapporo, where he directly witnessed Nepela’s golden triumph. It says: “To Mr. (uncle) Zelenay, cordially, Ondrej (Nepela)”.
But the museum collection also includes a trophy for the Best Slovak Athlete of the 20th Century, which was awarded to Nepela in memoriam in 2000. It was accepted by his long-standing coach and “second mum” Hilda Múdra, who donated it to the museum.
It was a year ago that his last direct relative, his sister Lenka, died in seclusion. Thanks to the information provided by the son of Hilda Múdra, Pavol Múdry, we managed to get in touch with the son of Ondrej’s cousin, Martin Dziak, who was managing her estate. Again, we saved some real treasures: Nepela’s personal articles that he used while working on Holiday on Ice, posters, including a poster depicting the only performance in Carnegie Hall in New York, personal correspondence, and photographs. These articles are being presented to the public for the first time at the “Solitary Figure Skater” exhibition.
Why did we choose this name? The exhibition seeks to deal with the solitude that accompanies the life of a sportsperson, but also with the excellence of the figure skater from Bratislava. I warn you, however, do not look for tabloid information at the exhibition. They do not belong in museums.


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