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Beauty for Everyday Life Selection of Art Nouveau collection items of the Bratislava City Museum

The exhibition presents a selection of Art Nouveau artefacts of diverse materials and types, most of which were acquired from Bratislava households.

In its collections, the Bratislava City Museum possesses many items which have not previously been put on public display. The exhibition Beauty for Everyday Life presents a selection of Art Nouveau artefacts arising from the artistic movement which dominated the period around 1900, the period also known as la Belle Époque / the Period of Beauty.

The exhibition in the BCM is presented on the occasion of World Art Nouveau Day. This was first held on 10th June 2013 on the initiative of the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest. This date is the anniversary of the deaths of two important Art Nouveau architects, Antoni Gaudí (1852 – 1926) and Ödön Lechner (1845 – 1914). Lechner’s work is associated with Bratislava, as he  designed two important Art Nouveau buildings – the grammar school on Grösslingova Street and the Blue Church.

The essence of Art Nouveau lies in the decorative and applied art which is the core of this exhibition. The intention is to offer an aesthetic experience of objects which, as at the time of their creation, can also provide the viewer with an opportunity to escape from reality and be transported to the world of beautiful shapes and lines.

The World Art Nouveau Day in 2021 is dedicated to the theme of animals, the motifs of which fascinated the artists with their shapes and coloration. Some examples inspired by this theme are included at this exhibition.

In Bratislava (formerly Prešporok), Art Nouveau arrived in a more modest form and as a something of a late-comer. Its features in architecture reflect both Viennese and Budapest influences and are sometimes marked by elements of historicism and eclecticism. Despite a certain prevailing conservatism in fashion, utility and decorative objects of a variety of designs and materials in the Art Nouveau style became a part of the interiors in burgher households in Prešporok. Art Nouveau decorative motifs were sometimes deployed on postcards depicting the period atmosphere of the city, advertisements or in various other printed items.

The exhibition is installed in Apponyi House in the Rococo style in the premises of the Historical Interiors Museum.

The authors of the exhibition and curators of the collection are Marta Janovíčková and Zuzana Francová.

Exhibition of Art Nouveau in the Rococo palace, as perceived by its authors

Zuzana Francová, art historian

The exhibition presents a selection of Art Nouveau artefacts of diverse materials and types, most of which were acquired from Bratislava households. On display are utility-decorative items made of various materials: furniture, watches and clocks, ceramics, porcelain, glass, silver and other metal products, and clothing accessories. The exhibition affords visitors the aesthetic experience of unusual shapes, beautiful lines and motifs inspired by flora and fauna. It also provides an insight into the world of our forebears who lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Marta Janovíčková, art historian

The display of Art Nouveau exhibits presents a selection from the museum's relatively large collection. Its installation in the Rococo palace with an exhibition of historic interiors from the end of the 18th to the end of the 19th century is an attempt to confront the artistic styles of this period with the Art Nouveau perception of art. Although this style does not lead to fundamental changes in the form of objects of contemporary life at that period, it does differ significantly in the decorative character of the lines and colours, based primarily on natural motifs.

You can enjoy a virtual edition of the exhibition on the Slovakiana Platform.  Visitors are also cordially invited to attend an extended digitalised version of the exhibition in the venue of Apponyi House.

We look forward to seeing you.



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The ticket is valid also for  Exhibition of Viticulture

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