For schools

The Museum Has a Future Studio
Primaciálne námestie 3, Bratislava, vchod z nádvoria Starej radnice
+421 259 100 827, +421 259 100 817,,

For schools

The Museum Has a Future Studio
Primaciálne námestie 3, Bratislava, vchod z nádvoria Starej radnice
+421 259 100 827, +421 259 100 817,,

Play creatively with history and go from century to century

The Museum Has a Future Studio was established in 2011 as a creative space for children, young people and adults. The Studio’s activity has its origin in 1999 when emerged a systematic attempt to educate school groups of children and young people and to lay the foundations for museum pedagogy.

The Museum’s ambitions were oriented towards community work with visitors in the form of leisure programs for families and non-formal education programs for schools and school groups. The foundation of the Museum Has a Future Studio together with the All About the Museum concept contributed to the success of the attempt. The Textbooks Come Alive Project was created in 2017.

The All About the Museum concept sets the course for the development of non-formal education programs as well as leisure activities. The programs are based on individual parts of the concept and draw inspiration from it.  
The concept consists of eight basic themes, which are further divided into smaller parts, all of them characterising the principal topic: What is a museum; Who works in a museum; What is the MMB; Expedition to the museums of the MMB; Expedition to a selected theme museum; What is an (Old) Town Hall; the Architecture of the Old Town Hall; Symbols and logos of the MMB. Contents of the individual topics are elaborated further through shorter subtopics from various angles. For example, What is a museum title includes an explanation of terms: what is a collection item, what is a museum deposit, what is an exhibit, what is an exhibition.


The Museum Has a Future Studio is an interactive space for everybody ready to play, enjoy and learn new things about the history of the capital city of Bratislava in a new creative and inventive way. The history guide is the curious red Malvína the cat that can squeeze in everywhere and can find out everything.

The Studio offers journeys from present to past as well as a window to future.

Interactive accompanying programmes are customised to current displays, permanent exhibitions and collection items and try to answer the question what the museum is good for.
In 2022, we prepare a new offer of the Studio titled Birthday Party In a Museum. The programme for children and youth will be provided in an unusual space of a museum and the birthday girl or boy will become a personality from the Bratislava history and will invite her or his guests to a specific historical period.
Admission fee:

Children 3 €

1 adult with a child 0 €

Adult 2 €


News Notices

Dear Studio visitors, please follow the Covid–19 rules.

Visiting the Museum Has a Future Studio

Given the Studio’s purpose and nature, the non-formal education programs are available only for groups registered in advance. You can purchase the tickets for regular leisure activities in advance in the ticket office of the Museum of the City History in the Old Town Hall.
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