27.09.2023 - 31.12.2023
Michael's Tower
Michael’s Tower stands as a prominent landmark at the heart of Bratislava, boasting a rich history spanning over seven centuries. It stands as the sole survivor among the original four city gates, predating Bratislava’s official city status granted in 1291 when it received its city privileges. Throughout its long history, the tower has undergone various transformations in both its appearance and primary purpose. Yet, it stands today as a testament to Bratislava’s sophisticated fortification system. Additionally, in its heyday, crucial roads passed through the tower’s gateway. Following an extensive restoration effort carried out between 2021 and 2022, we are delighted to announce that Michael’s Tower is now open to the public in the form of an exhibition.

The objective of the “Michael’s Tower: Reconstructed” exhibition is to present the monument in all its historical layers of development. Following the reconstruction, the tower’s facade now exhibits a cohesive, predominantly Baroque aesthetic, featuring a white color scheme that has been characteristic of Michael’s Tower in recent decades. Inside, the tower has been transformed into a museum exhibit. Rather than showcasing historical weapons, which were on display until recently, the monument itself assumes the role of the primary exhibit.

This approach also enables us to unveil older layers and materials that would otherwise remain concealed from the view of visitors beneath a layer of unifying plaster. It provides insights into the historical evolution of the building and the gradual transformation of the tower’s function. Spaces that would have otherwise been designated as exhibition rooms or transit areas now offer an opportunity for contemplation and a more profound exploration of the monument’s history.

The medieval barbican, an integral part of the town’s fortifications upon which the townhouses eventually expanded, shares a historical connection with Michael’s Tower. Within one of these structures lies the well-preserved Red Crayfish Pharmacy, which now serves as a visitor center. Here, visitors can conveniently purchase tickets for admission to Michael’s Tower.

The temporary exhibition, titled “Michael’s Tower: Reconstructed,” meticulously adheres to the chronology of the tower’s evolution, with the earliest stages showcased in its lowest and oldest section. The ascent through the exhibition parallels the journey through the diverse phases of the tower’s development, culminating in the present day. Within the exhibition, visitors will encounter an array of themes pertaining to the tower’s history. These include the structural evolution of the tower and the barbican, the Archangel Michael statue and its time capsule, the bells, the tower clock, and the distinctive onion-shaped roof. A dedicated section also delves into the restoration efforts undertaken on this historic monument.

The exhibition will be open from September 27, 2023. 



Michael’s Tower: Reconstructed

Motif: Michal Augustovič & Daniel Hupko 

Script and curatorial concept: Michal Augustovič

Expert cooperation: Patrik Baxa, Eva Falbová, Štefan Holčík, Daniel Hupko & Zuzana Palicová 

Architectural design: Zbyněk Baladrán

Graphic design: Magdaléna Scheryová

Media partners: RTVS, Rádio Devín, Rádio_FM, Historická revue, Citylife.sk, IN.BA

Exhibition partner: PamArch, s. r. o.



Opening hours:

Michael's Tower and Red Crayfish Pharmacy (tickets sale)

  • Wednesday – Monday / 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Tuesday – CLOSED



General Admission


6 €

Reduced Admission (Children from 6 to 15, students, seniors)

4 €

Family Ticket: 2+3 / 2+2 / 2+1

14 €

Family Ticket: 1+2 / 1+1

8 €

School Group (per person)

2 €

Free Admission:

  • Children under the age of 6,
  • disable person card’s holders and their guides,
  • teacher – one person per 10 students,
  • ICOM and ICOMOS card holders,
  • members of Union of Museums in Slovakia,
  • members of Czech Association of Museums and Galleries,
  • Bratislava CARD holder,
  • seasonal ticket holders.

0 €


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